O.H.L Herbal Peeling and Derma Roller 7 Piece Set / O.H.Lハーバルピーリングおよびダマローラー7種セット

Herbal Peeling Set - It improves skin elasticity and skin tone with its excellent moisturizing power, and is excellent for sebum control, wrinkle improvement, and whitening effect.

Peeling Active - Helps dull and damaged skin.

Cell Renew Cream - A skin regeneration cream that can be used on all types of skin and balances the skin to make it elastic.

Gold Bio Sheet Mask Pack - Moisturizes and soothes the face, chin and neck, and provides a moist and bright skin tone, as well as vitality and elasticity to the skin.

Derma Roller Set - Derma Roller (DR-B) is a roller-type skin care device with electroporation (EP) applied. It is a beauty device that effectively penetrates cosmetic ingredients into the skin through innovative complex central wave NNN™ (needtoneedle) technology. Most cosmetic ingredients, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, are easily penetrated into the dermal layer of the skin without using needles.

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